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if prison is a cell then it's raging in my blood

17 November
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-deep and meaningfuls and debates
-good books and good movies
-creating things
-being immature when i feel pissed off, just because i can.
-judging people for what they wear, listen to, act, and say. good pass time :P
-the fact i have everyone i need by my side

-wasting time, even though it's my greatest skill
-summer and being sticky
-feeling like a zombie half of the time
-not being able to explain what's inside my head
-people i hate getting into the things i like
-people going on about 'teenage angst'. ill angst if i want to, and i wont stop once i reach 20 either.
-teenage angst :P
-being restless
-the fact i pace when im nervous, bored, or on the phone.
-stress, nerves, hatred, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration, lack of energy, and apathy.
-racism, sexism, homophobia, animal cruelty, america, war, violence and corporate greed :)
-writing bios